The Bellydance Diaries
More true tales from Cairo...
A Play by Daphne Pena

The Bellydance Diaries
The sold out hit of Edinburgh Fringe 2006/7 is back with more secret stories revealed about the women behind the dance!
This dance/drama allows you to experience the sights, sounds and sensations of modern Cairo through the richly revealing and often humourous tales of seasoned belly dancers in Egypt. Luscious and sensuous dances are interspersed throughout the "diaries" in this one-woman play, in which you also will learn about the history and meaning behind the different dance styles, and the taboos and strange freedoms women possess. Daphne's true-life experiences as a belly dancer, mixing and mingling with some of the very best performers in the Middle Eastern belly dancing world, is the inspiration behind her fictional dancers. Through a combination of previous journal entries, and new interviews, this year boasts an even greater selection of characters drawn to the dance for the most surprising reasons.
The Bellydance Diaries Featuring live Arabic musicians on accordion, tabla and riq, the show ends with an improvised piece between shimmying hips and drum - a finale that delighted and inspired audiences at sell out shows in the UK for the past two years.


Baladi Blues by Guy Schalom-selected tracks.  Guy Schalom - Baladi Blues

The Bellydance Diaries-original soundtrack.  Guy Schalom - Bellydance Diaries Soundtrack
    The Bellydance Diaries
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